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Saturday, 12 July 2008
1st Milestone (30 Webpages) Achieved in 'Mysteries of the World' Website
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Topic: Sense of the Mysterious

Since 28 February 2008, I have been working on my first Business Website, with my own domain name. That is, "Mysteries of the World" website.

And I have been constructing this website with the help of the Site Build It! (or SBI!) system -- for 28 February 2008 was the day I "signed up" to use (and paid for) the SBI! system.

The site -- "Mysteries of the World" -- is still very much a "work in progress", of course.

And it hasn't got to the Monetization Stage yet -- which is "Day 10" in the SBI! 10-day process of constructing-and-launching a small-small business website.

I am now in Day 7 going on to Day 8.

You will definitely learn PATIENCE with the SBI! way of doing things!

Most others who build business websites tend to think of the monetization models first. But with the SBI! system, you think about building CONTENT first, from Day 6 onwards (although, during Day 5, you have already explored, considered, and planned what monetization models to adopt).

Days 1-4 involved thinking and planning: you get to consider questions such as "What are your interests and passions?", "What kinds of businesses will excite you?", "What kind of business websites will excite you?", "Who are your competitors (competing websites)?", "What are the likely domain names to consider (given the website theme that interests you)?", and so on.

Oh yes, during these 4 days, you also brainstormed and brainstormed, and then brainstormed again and again ... until you've got your "website structure" done up on paper (or in a spreadsheet -- your choice!), with each web page having its own unique "keyword(s)".

Then -- and only then -- do you select a suitable and available domain name (which should be obvious by now!), and register for this domain name in Day 5 (after exploring, considering, and planning the monetization models).

Yes, siree -- definitely, SBI! is quite different from most other website construction paradigm, philosophy, and process.

Moneywise, SBI! had costs US$299 per year (this is my 1st year, of course), including the fee for website hosting ... the cost-price of SBI! includes the entire SBI! "process-plus-tools" system that helps with the website's theme selection, website-structure planning, webpage construction (not just the Look-and-Feel, but also the CONTENT BUILDING; SBI! is not interested in "building a website in 15 minutes" -- what "content" can you come up with, in 15 minutes?), analysis of each web page as it is being built, adding in a blog to the website, etc., etc., etc. ... All with next-to-zero knowledge of HTML and what-not's (so, no geeky knowledge or experience required -- just concentrate on building the CONTENT, what your business website is about).

SBI! also has an interesting online forum (mostly SBI!er-driven, but with lots of input and encouragement also from Ken Evoy, the owner-entrepreneur of the SBI! system) -- as well as online support, of course.

Anyway, it's only this week in July 2008, that I had reached my first 30 web pages, a sort of milestone (!) -- actual construction of the web pages started on 1 May 2008, so that I had spent 9 weeks or so to do the 30 web pages, averaging 1 web page in about 2-3 days (note: I had already spent a previous 9 weeks or so, from end-February 2008 to 1 May 2008 -- as already explained, this occurred during Days 1-5 of the SBI! process -- to brainstorm and select the site theme and the necessary keywords to use for the potential 200-300 web pages in this "Mysteries of the World" website, within a flexible "website structure" (homepage as Tier 1 page; "hub" pages as Tier 2 pages; and the bulk of webpages are Tier 3 pages).

Next stop: for the next 9-12 weeks, I must work faster and smarter (I've already got "up to speed" on the subject-matter, to some extent) ... and I will add at least another 30-90 webpages, while simultaneously working on attracting at least 15-30 unique visitors per day for the website as a whole!!! Only then, will I add in (implement) the "monetization" constructs or models (in Day 10), which I had already initially considered and planned during Day 5 of the SBI! 10-day process.

Anyway, in this (second) week of July 2008, I am taking a break from constructing the webpages for the "Mysteries of the World" website ... but while taking actual breaks, I had also put in a few posts in various of my other -- "hobby-type" (i.e., non-business) -- websites and blogs, including the Yahoo! 360° blog known as "Paul's Blog @ Yahoo! 360°".

Of course, after this period of R&R (i.e., "rest and refreshing" as well as "rest and recreation"), I will continue with the CONTENT BUILDING for this SBI! site known as "Mysteries of the World".

Have fun!


(Praise "the LORD our God" / Praise "YAHWEH our Father")!

-- Paul Quek

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Posted by paul.quek at 12:09 PM EDT

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